Actors and Acting Agencies

Acting Agency

An acting agency, or casting manager, is an individual who locates jobs for actors, actresses, writers, radio personalities, film stars, sportscasters, model producers, sportscasters, musicians, and other performers in different entertainment or movie industries. These job seekers to apply for jobs through the agencies, along with their resumes and photos. The agents then make the determinations on whether these job applicants are suitable for the jobs they are applying for. Job applicants usually pay for the services of an acting agency, which include travel expenses, hotel accommodation, interview and acting lessons, the production company’s fee, the amount of money they need to spend on props and costumes, and any other costs the production company may charge.


If you are looking for a job as an actor or actress, you can use an acting agency to help you land the job. There are a variety of jobs you can get through an agency. One of these jobs is to simply represent your resume to a variety of companies. If you are serious about getting a job as an actor/actress, you will have to take the time to send in your resume to several different companies. The more experience you have in the field, the better. It also helps if you have a recommendation from an agent or a casting manager.


Another way an acting agency can help you get a job is through referrals. Recruiters usually depend on the recommendations they receive from an acting agency. In addition, some casting directors require agents to send them qualified actors for consideration. To learn more on finding great acting jobs and the acting agencies that can help you get one, keep reading or go to agence d’intérim.

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