Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Free Virtual Private Network

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Free Virtual Private Network

When you want to surf the internet globalwatchonline | Free VPN’s that are good without being watched by the government there is only one way and that is to use a free VPN. Unfortunately, free VPN will always be considered as insecure because of the many known disadvantages associated with them. A free VPN might offer you a lot of benefits but you have to pay for those benefits. The most obvious problem with free VPN is that it will never let you surf the internet freely. As long as the server is open, your activities on the internet are watched and controlled by the company.


Usually, the server is blocked when a customer uses a free VPN and this will affect all their future requests to the same server. Free VPN services may crash: Fewer resources will be used by the server. Free VPNs might upload and store your information for 30 days. Free VPN will expose your information to malware and other threats that can harm your computer and expose your IP addresses.


This means that if you want to use a free VPN then you should be aware of all these disadvantages. The best way to use a free VPN is to use a company that offers both a paid version and a free version. Look for a company that offers both a dns leak protection and a kill switch. A kill switch will prevent the connection from being affected by another software program. A kill switch will allow the user to surf the internet anonymously using the same IP addresses as other users.

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