Ashpalt & Shingles

When it comes to shingles, the choices are many. However, the Shingles Replacement process is quite labor-intensive and generally requires at least two people to complete. Therefore, if you want to save money and have an easier time doing the job, it might be better for you to contact Ashpalt & Shingles and have them help you decide on which replacement product would be best for your home. Whatever the case, if you’re ready to have an easy, affordable roof over your head, you should contact Ashpalt & Shingles.

How To Repair Your Ashpalt & Shingles?

After studying how to create an asphalt shingle, he decided to make his own version and began selling his product. Today Ashpalt & Shingles offer shingles for just about any kind of roof, including metal roofs, wood shakes, pre-made shingles and pre-cut lengths of shingles. The company offers both siding installation in a do-it-yourself kit or by calling their Professional Shingle Services. Their Professional Shingle Services offers installation in one day or in one week’s time. The best part about the entire process is that there are no nails or cement needed for the installation, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to nails and cement.

Ashpalt & Shingles are a leading supplier of all kinds of siding products, including asphalt shingles for residential use. The company was founded in 1974 by Bill Ashpalt, who wanted to create a better kind of roof cover for his home. That’s when he realized that traditional asphalt shingles had many disadvantages, such as needing a lot of nails, taking up a lot of space and needing to be replaced every two or three years.


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