Online Call Tracking For Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

With the advent of online marketing, the use of call tracking has become more common for businesses of all sizes. One of the most important advantages of using a call tracking tool is that it can provide you with accurate statistics and insight into how well your call capture and call return systems are working. By adding a call tracking callrail phone number to your online advertisements, track calls generated from inbound marketing efforts, or by incorporating dynamic call insertion into your site.

Using Online Call Tracking to Reduce Marketing Costs

Place a special, dynamic call tracking number in ad extensions or directory listings to track calls from certain campaigns. For example, if your marketing campaign consists of a mobile campaign to connect to a particular zip code, place a call tracking number where you know that a conversion may take place. Callbacks can also be integrated into your online call tracking system to give you insight into the success of your mobile marketing initiatives. This can provide you with data such as: conversion rate, number of calls answered versus calls not answered, number of calls transferred, and other useful information. Callbacks can also provide valuable insights into the performance of your inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns to help ensure that your campaigns are producing the results you want.

Many marketers are comfortable using standard formats for identifying callers and recording their interaction with their campaigns; however, there are also many marketers who are open to using more advanced formats such as unique call tracking numbers or dynamic number insertions to track more specific action. These more advanced formats can provide marketers with additional action-based metrics such as calls transferred, number of minutes spent on hold, and conversion rates. While this may seem like additional work for the company, many companies find that it increases profitability and streamlines their business. Furthermore, tracking the behavior of customers and prospecting prospects using advanced technology provides advertisers with the information necessary to build winning marketing campaigns. Therefore, if your company is interested in offering the most accurate and comprehensive tracking available to today’s business, turn to an online call tracking service to get in on the action and improve your businesses profitability.

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