Physiotherapy Tools Review

physio tools

Physiotherapy Tools is defined as ‘Exercise program management software for health and medical professionals to email and print over thirty thousand exercises for rehabilitation, pediatrics, sports and geriatrics’. The Physio Tools app has been developed by Spira to integrate with the company’s platform to deliver superior patient care solutions. The Physio Toolset contains eleven digital items, including a running watch, heart rate monitor, thermometer, pain gauge, cardiology analyzer, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and digital radio transmitter. The software also contains several calculators such as the BMI calculator and the APOA calculator.

How to Know Physiotherapy Tools Review

The Physio Tools app can be obtained for free from the official website for a period of time (normally seven days). At that time the user will receive a username and password as well as a reference code. From that point on users will have access to over fifteen thousand exercise routines, twenty-five types of exercise, four different levels of difficulty, and an online exercise log. Additionally, this app has the ability to export the information to an Excel file. The physio tools are compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch and are available for in-app purchase or through the website.

The Physio Tools app offers a great deal of features that are extremely valuable to any professional physiotherapist or exercise specialist. Some of these features include alarms that sound when equipment is used that may be dangerous or broken, a calculator to calculate resistance based on body weight and time, charts to track exercise sets, an online log to track sessions, and the ability to export data to an Excel file. The most valuable feature of the app however is the ability to log into the website via the iPhone or iPod touch and access the valuable information on the website in real time. This is particularly beneficial for professional sports teams or physiotherapists working at different sports clubs. If you are a member of a sports team and want to ensure you are always able to keep up to date with how your team is improving then this app is for you.

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